Month: March 2019

Upcoming Muslim Girls Workshops (Ages 12-16)

During the early stages of my career I had the opportunity to work in several schools, some of which were in the Muslim Community. Working closely with students I not only honed my skills, but also discovered my passion: using my mentorship skills while providing a safe environment for others.

In todays’ world, we are all faced with uncomfortable situations that our former generations are unable to understand. The fast paced innovations in technology have placed a significant effect on the growth and livelihood of the younger generation. Todays’ youth are constantly being bombarded with information, both positive and negative, but are not given the tools or platform to successfully work through the information. Yes, we have parents who are constantly teaching and guiding us along the straight path but it really does take village to raise a child. I am a part of that village.

I have set up workshops catering to the Female Muslim Youth on topics that are very real and very important to cover – Self Esteem, Social Media, and Bullying. The goal is for anyone in attendance to walk away with awareness, knowledge, tools, and a connection with an individual who has walked in their shoes – me.

To register or for more information contact or call 604.330.1579

ItsQConline Disclaimer

In the coming week I will be posting a few flyers that are geared towards the Muslim Community. In saying that I need to voice that as a Counsellor I do not only cater to the Muslim Community but to all Communities, Races and Religions.

Unexpected Peace

I finally made it to a spot I had been trying to see for many years…Big Sur.

I was asked many times why I wanted there and what it was all about. What can we do there, what’s so special about it, I just knew it was something to see. I kept seeing pictures of it and knew I had to see it in person.

I will let you see for yourself…Click on Waves below.