I recently hosted a information table at a Eid Celebration event in my local community. I thought it would be a great way to reach out to muslims of all walks of life cultures and countries.

As I put thought into the creativity of this table, I knew right away that the topic I would be voicing was the stigma of counselling in cultures different cultures. This is not only something that affects the culture I am from but also affects many different cultures here and all over the world.

I got my confirmation that I had chosen the right topic to talk about when I saw some of the older women give me a side glance and or try to avoid eye contact or give me the hmm and walk away. This in no way discouraged me because I know that the stigma of counselling still exists and is carried on in cultures. I also know that my presence received alot of attention from people who were glad that there was finally someone out in my community opening up the doors to counselling.

This is just the beginning of breaking down stigmas about mental health in my community! Let it be the beginning in yours as well.