As counsellors we know that everyones grief is different. Mine, mine comes first with shock. Shock as to how this person is no longer on the planet. Shock as to ‘what do mean i won’t see that person tomorrow?’

Its been two years since I last lost someone I cared about. In those two years the memory of her has not faded, I can still hear her voice and laugh. I choose to remember her as she was when she was laughing. It is still surreal that she is gone.

Now today as I spoke with good memories about someone else, within minutes it went from a funny stories about last week to ‘he can’t be gone’

Tomorrow I will walk into work and not see his smiling face waving at me. I have just lost a person that watched my back on my 9-5. Someone who sang and danced all day long.

Everyones grief is different, mine will come with calmness as soon as the shock wears off.