Two weeks from today, my two and a half month race begins again. What is my two and a half month race? Its the window between the treatments I receive for my severe Chronic Migraines.

Every two and a half months, I carry out a routine that I have no where near perfected in the four years that I have been going through it.
I wake up the day of my treatment in no mood to talk to anyone, no appetite, no patience and on edge. I drive to my local pharmacy where I pay a absurd amount of money for a small vial that looks like its empty. I drive this mysterious substance to the doctors office and all I can think about during the drive is whats going to happen once I get there.
I will be injected about 20-30 times in various sites on my head. With each injection I will feel pain that makes me want to jump out of the chair I am sitting in and punch the wall. I will instantly feel worse then I did when I came into the doctors office and then I will need to be driven home so that I can sleep the rest of the day in this pain.

All of this, just for two and a half months of semi normalcy.

Now this day has almost come to an end. Do I feel any better? Am I glad its over for now? Can I carry on like I have been until the next treatment?

Is it worth it? To go through that much pain in order to not be in as much pain as I am without them.

It doesn’t end after I wake up from a day of rest. It will get better after two weeks, when the mysterious substance takes effect.

But the Chronic Migraines never end. I carry it with me everyday, everywhere I go and in everything I do.